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About LedsC4
Light for better living

Over 50 years, a company culture has been built that joins a love for designing, manufacturing and innovating with light, with the care for every aspect of your experience with us. 

Good lighting makes spaces worth living through emotion, comfort and care. 
For the past 50 years, our company has been dedicated to developing a culture of light in which design, technology, and sustainability come together to offer the best lighting solution for your indoor and outdoor projects. 
People spend 90% of their time in closed spaces with artificial light, only receiving 10% of natural light. Quality light brings well-being to daily life by adapting the places we inhabit to our biological, health and psychological needs. The right light improves our life.

The core of LedsC4's service is to assist you simply, easily and efficiently. That's why the entire product path is thoroughly planned and monitored – from conception, design, manufacturing and quality control, to delivery and installation. Our team offers light consultancy, guiding you throughout the process and speaking your language. Because we love taking care of every detail of your experience.


A local workshop, an adventurous spirit, and a vision

From a wrought iron workshop in Catalonia in the seventies to the LedsC4 of today, the origins of our company show the talent, vision and perseverance of everyone involved. It's a story of dedication to light.

LedsC4's roots go back to the early seventies, specifically to a wrought iron workshop in the Catalan village of Torà.

After a successful first contact with the lighting industry, the workshop's breakthrough arrived in 1974 with the foundation of the Forja La-Creu Society.
With passion and vision, the new company developed a compelling catalogue of lighting products that gradually introduced new materials: metal plates, brass and Italian glass, to name a few, as well as pioneering technologies in Spain. 

The legacy of the Forja La-Creu Society continued ahead as a new business venture from an alabaster factory that understood the potential of LEDs and C4-brass lighting catalogues. Its name was simple: LedsC4.

Unique atmospheres with creativity and sustainable design

Spaces become places where there is good lighting design. Simple and quality lighting solutions are achieved by developing holistic products that balance design, technology and engineering.

Lighting design is the emotional layer that connects people to spaces. LedsC4 therefore approaches product development as an interconnected process from start to finish. The vision of talented designers and collaborators with the expertise of LedsC4 engineers are engaged daily with technical, design, and installation matters to find the most suitable solution for your project. Rigorous eco-design criteria are also followed to ensure the company's products are efficient, reusable, and recyclable. 

Creativity is taken further at LedsC4 Torà Design Centre, where customized solutions are designed and manufactured for your contract projects. At our Design and Innovation Centre in Madrid, highly customizable technical lighting solutions are developed for retail and office spaces, in addition to ceiling solutions with integrated lightingfor any architectural project.

Connecting people and spaces with intelligent lighting solutions

Connective lighting and advanced technical solutions make your project more sustainable and human, impacting positively on well-being.

Technology enhances how people interact with the environment. LedsC4's portfolio features connective lighting that can save up to 80% of energy and positively impact well-being. Our advanced technical lighting solutions will optimize performance in your space, reduce maintenance and environmental costs, monitor remotely, adapt to biological cycles and certify efficiency with data, among many other benefits. 
Our Control & Connectivity team will also guide you through decision-making in order to comply with the highest sustainability, monitoring and health standards. 
The future is already here.

Every day, LedsC4 pushes the boundaries of its knowledge to bring you the best light.

Proactivity runs in our company's DNA. Since the beginning, LedsC4 has placed research and innovation at the centre of its activity, seeking excellence in every lighting endeavour.
That's why you will always find high-performance technical lighting in LedsC4 products, such as optics with guaranteed optimal control to achieve the best visual comfort; or controlled thermal dissipation to improve energy efficiency.

Quality control is another of the company's essential pillars. Top quality lighting production and performance is guaranteed by conducting extensive tests right from the start of product development, which includes manufacturing, assembly and delivery. All lighting incorporates cutting-edge photometry with accurate flow and distribution parameters created by LedsC4's photogoniometer. Also, our outdoor lighting is Seaside Suitable certified, which means it has passed every thermal, water pressure and corrosion test.


Conscious manufacturing with local roots

Because attention to detail matters, manufacturing is closely supervised and responsible collaboration is maintained with an international network of specialized suppliers.

The rural environment of Torà is home to two essential LedsC4 facilities: the Design and Manufacturing centres, where our company's lighting solutions are brought to life. In fact, some of our best-seller designs, such as the Circular, Infinite Pro and Geometric families, are produced in our company’s iron casting, turning, and milling workshop in Torà. An expert team later applies the desired finishes and assembles them in the company's Production centre.

LedsC4 also has an extensive network of qualified international suppliers to develop the majority of its collections responsibly to the highest quality, efficiency and flexibility standards. And for products with very specific components, such as the blown glass in the Alive and Levels families, the best and most trustworthy collaborators are sought worldwide.

Positive impact is LedsC4's commitment

Our company's sustainability model reflects our commitment to positively impacting the environment and community, with a management approach focused on people and proximity.

2022 in Review

98% permanent contracts; 
90% recyclable lighting with replaceable components; 
Less than 500 kg of packaging waste; 
EcoVadis gold medal in sustainability.

ecovadis medalla





We know there is still a long way to go, and we'll continue pushing our company towards a more sustainable future.

LedsC4's 2026 commitment
of staff educated on responsible environmental practices
sustainable packaging
dimmable lighting
easy disassembled lighting
of lighting made from recyclable materials
carbon footprint reduction
Photovoltaic panels
installed in LedsC4's main production centres
Lighting projects

Design your lighting project with LedsC4

LedsC4 helps you to light your projects with the best quality and flexibility.

Your creative vision is welcome at LedsC4, where we offer you our knowledge and experience to design the best solution for your project.

A team of experts will help you to select the products and services from the LedsC4 catalogue that suit the ambience of your space best. Are you ready to start?

Customize your lighting to the demands of your project. At LedsC4, our products become yours.

Every project has perks. Knowing that there are market demands and specific requirements to be met in different parts of the world, LedsC4 ensures its collections are highly flexible. At our company's Production Centre in Torà, the colour of 80% of our lighting products can be customised and adaptations made in size, light temperature, and installation systems, among others.

Special lighting can also be designed and developed for your retail and office space projects at our Design and Innovation Centre in Madrid, where customization is taken to the highest level. With LedsC4, your project needs are covered.

Bespoke Solutions

Bring your ideas to light

LedsC4 designs, develops and manufactures your bespoke design project. At LedsC4, customisation is the definition of creative lighting.

Unique projects deserve special lighting. Sometimes, the solution you need simply doesn't exist. That's why our company has created a Bespoke Projects division, where your lighting project is designed and developed from the ground up. 

LedsC4's team of experts will design custom products based on your lighting concept and ideas. Plans, prototypes and technical components will be created for you. Once ready, the manufacturing and quality control tests will take place in our Production Centre in Torà. Finally, LedsC4's assembly team will install the lighting and fine-tune it at your project’s premises. 
Because light is our passion.


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Helping you is easy for us

LedsC4 values giving you a human, valuable and straightforward experience every time we meet. Our company's technical, sales and customer support teams will guide you through your lighting project, speaking your language. LedsC4 is happy to serve more than 140 countries from nine branches worldwide and from our headquarters.

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