Smart Lighting

Smart lighting that connects people and spaces

Benefits of control and connectivity

Enhances people’s well-being

Adapts lighting according to people’s biological rhythms or the functional needs of a space.


Promotes efficient space management and energy savings

Collects information on the installation, allowing users to plan, adapt and improve the available resources.


Bolsters your organisation and improves user experience

Creates flexible, dynamic spaces, which become yet another communication tool, improving users’ perception in the space.

We adapt to any lighting need, regardless of the space, in order to offer unique solutions and bring the benefits of control and connectivity to our customers.


Smart Projects

Smart lighting through our latest projects


Discover how we have adapted lighting to the needs of each project and space.


Based on the D4i standard, it means any driver featuring this technology will be compatible with this platform.

What type of projects is it for?

For spaces where efficient resource utilisation is required. D4i provides control functionalities while allowing the system to be monitored through the platform and, thus, gather data on occupancy and space use.


Lighting control and connectivity solution based on the DALI2 standard.

What type of projects is it for?

In one installation, major energy savings can be achieved through functionalities such as point-to-point management of luminaires, groups, scenes, constant light control, circadian cycle, occupancy control and hourly programmes, among other features. 

Bluetooth Casambi

Lighting control solution using the Bluetooth Mesh protocol with direct control from a smartphone or tablet, with no additional components required.

What type of projects is it for?

The system’s ease of use makes it suitable for any user. Its application is ideal for flexible, dynamic settings where a high level of interaction with luminaires is required.


DMX control system that enables dynamic lighting management with high-speed colour transitions.

What type of projects is it for?

For projects in which one wishes to create lighting scenes, set up time and calendar schedules, and even do so remotely. DMX even allows for possible point-to-point control of each luminaire.

Light for Life

Lighting control solution based on wireless Bluetooth technology/wi-fi*, depending on the type of product.

What type of projects is it for?

It can be directly controlled from your smartphone using the app Light for Life — a fast and easy-to-use application. This system is also compatible with all major voice assistants.


Autonomous control solutions



What type of projects is it for?

Can be used in projects to control one or more luminaires within the same space autonomously. The Standalone solutions allow you to perform simple tasks and achieve large energy savings.



Want more information?

Our team of Smart lighting experts can advise you on product selection and the implementation of your projects.