Nom del dissenyador, 2021

Spaces communicate through the composition of their elements. Apex is a linear solution that adapts to different settings thanks to its high compositional nature and the diversity of its applications. Its constructions can be simple, with a single light source, or complex, forming different geometric shapes thanks to its system's interlinking possibilities.

Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
Effective lumens
Constructive elements

Apex has a profile (in white and black finishes) and different nodes that compose structures allowing designers to create different patterns to suit every need. On the one hand, the profile can be linear (1, 2 or 3 metres in length) or arch-shaped. On th

A lens to suit every need

The linear options feature Opal lenses to achieve a diffused light of UGR>16 , which is ideal for work spaces. Bento has a controlled aperture angle of 24º and 48º as well as a Spot option to focus the light. The arched option has an Opal lens.

Installation and versatility

Apex can be installed as a recessed or surface light according to the project's needs and the type of setting to be devised. In both options, the nodes act as the key element in achieving the desired shapes, either in their standard option or using those


Apex has versions available with built-in Casambi Bluetooth Mesh technology, which allows the flexibility of spaces to be increased in settings with changing needs.

Smart functionality: Lighting scenes

One of the features of Smart technology in the Apex modular system involves the option of adjusting the lighting level based on usage of the space and lighting needs at the time, thus offering improved flexibility and dynamism.

Online configurator

With the online configuration tool for LEDS C4, a fully customised luminaire can be created for each project in a practical and efficient manner.

Customise the Apex collection

Thanks to the configurator application, you can customise the product features to your project's specific needs.

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