Multidir Evo

Multidir Evo

Nom del dissenyador, 2021

Multidir Evo is a highly versatile Cardan-style collection of medium-sized and large luminaires. It offers a high luminous flux and high colour rendering index in spaces and products with a CRI 80-90, making this range perfect for commercial settings, museums and restaurants. As they can be angled ±40º, these pieces can be installed as surface or recessed versions, combining two or three modules, which offers great lighting flexibility and comfort.

Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
Visual comfort
Redesigned system

The innovative Multidir Evo collection with its fully redesigned cardan system is available in several models in its surface-mounted and recessed versions – with single or double lens, trim or trimless. The black and white finish is available in all mod

Flexible Direction

Both the LED system and its module that can be exchanged for a GU10 lamp holder offer direction flexibility (±40º) to guarantee that the light’s beam reaches any object to be illuminated.

Visual comfort

All models allow a honeycomb panel to be installed to modulate the light beam according to the project’s needs, improving comfort.


The Multidir Evo collection features Casambi Bluetooth Mesh technology, allowing for greater control of luminaires and the option of generating specific lighting settings in environments with changing needs.

Smart functionality: Lighting settings

One function of the Casambi technology in Multidir Evo is the ability to generate accent lighting, when necessary, drawing visual attention to the object and creating a unique ambience and experience.

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