In 1963 we started our operation in Torà, in the province of Lleida, producing hand forged lighting.

From the start of the 21st century, we have focused our lighting on contemporary design and incorporating new technologies.

The introduction of the LED to the world of lighting in 2008 brought about a great revolution and opportunity for design and development of products and projects.

Joan Hidalgo, a craftsman from Barcelona establishes himself in Torá to work the forge. His first brand, named “Forja La Creu”, is born from his workshop in the Plaza de la Creu, and he starts to market his first decorative luminaires.
Glass Manufacturing
New resources allow the company to increase its crafting production and introduce glass manufacturing.
The production of luminaires with a new natural material known as Alabaster begins. The great reception of this material opens a new product line that results in the business entering into international markets.
Introduction of Technical Lighting
With the emergence of new projects needing more professional lighting, LedsC4 expands its technical office with a team dedicated to developing technical luminaires focused on retail channels and offices. The business begins an innovation process in search of new product features.
LedsC4 introduces the LED and becomes the first business in Europe to work with this technology. This fact consolidates the growth and development of the business, making it a leader in the sector.
International Consolidation
A period of strong growth culminates in the opening of new subsidiaries in South Africa, Poland and the Arab Emirates.
Connected Lighting
The era of digital technology and the Internet of Things is changing the way we live and communicate. LedsC4 uses light as a communication tool and offers new control and connectivity services and solutions in this field.