Nom del dissenyador, 2021
Artec Studio

When light and setting speak the same language. Nothing is impossible for Iris as it integrates with spaces, adopting the perfect shape in the right place. Its endless combination possibilities and the modular nature of its light source are the distinguishing factors of this collection, which offers a high technical level in a casing with a strong decorative character.

Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
Effective lumens
Visual comfort
Branching from a perfect structure

Iris is the circular nucleus of the eye that controls the entry of light and from which the different fibres that work collectively to form a perfect structure branch off, allowing us to process light. This is the concept behind the design of Iris, a lum

2 modules with different powers

Iris offers 2 modules with different powers (6W / 12W / 18 W) to adapt to the project's needs. The modules can be combined with the different possible applications in the collection and all the diffuser options.

Polycarbonate lens

The Iris nucleus integrates a polycarbonate lens with 3 different apertures, capable of sharply, precisely and flawlessly projecting light.

Maximum versatility

The designer's imagination is the only limit on the composition and lighting in a space. That's the goal of this compact collection, which has been carefully designed with versatility as one of its best qualities. Iris can be comprised of diverse applica

Light to suit every moment

In all of its versions, Iris offers the designer the choice of five diffusers that change the silhouette and perception of the luminaire, adapting it to the needs of each project. The conical, oval and cylindrical glass shades are perfect for more decora

Diverse accessories

The glass diffuser options are completed with four accessories (ring, honeycomb panel, elliptical and fader) that shape the light, either to focus it on a certain point or to blend it and achieve a more homogeneous effect in the space. The options withou

Shapeable light

Very different lighting needs can arise in a single space. These call for modular collections that may speak a shared language but can be configured with independent features. Iris is the answer to this need. The fact that its three control points (lens,

Customise the Iris collection

Thanks to the configurator application, you can customise the product features to your project's specific needs.

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