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Atom’s versatility is such that its size and finish can be adapted to each environment, respecting the harmony of the space. Its technical solutions provide optimal control over the entire range of angles, ensuring high visual comfort.

Technical Data

Light source
Colour temperature
TW 2700-6500K
Effective lumens
Visual comfort
Lens options

The family includes up to four different angles in the same collection, thereby achieving a wide range of aperture: from Ultra Spot to Ultra Flood. As a new feature, it offers an 11º lens in the 75mm diameter model and an 8º lens in the 52mm model to boost accent lighting.

Atom Zoom

This new option included in the Atom Track, Atom Low Voltage and Atom Hide options offers you the chance to adjust the lens angle to an Ultra Spot aperture (7º) via a manual zoom activation system. As such, dynamic, effective accent lighting can be achieved.

Efficiency and beam control

It has a polycarbonate lens that provides optimal control of the light beam, and it also features a narrow effect that allows for greater beam concentration. All models can include an elliptical diffuser, honeycomb panel and beam fader for greater control. Its lens system provides an additional 10% in efficiency compared with a traditional reflector.

Range of accessories

All pieces can be fitted with different accessories, such as visual comfort options (photo 4) end a visor (photo 5), which are perfect for focusing the light beam and preventing glare, or diverse combinations of frontal rings (photos 1, 2 and 3) to embellish the piece and adapt it to each project. The Atom Track’s largest model can also be fitted with anti-glare flaps.


Atom has versions available with integrated Casambi Bluetooth Mesh technology, which allows the flexibility of spaces to be increased in constantly changing environments.

Tunable White

Atom has Tunable White versions that allow the colour temperature to be adjusted, either manually using a connectivity system or using the automatic colour temperature settings with a time schedule.

Smart Functionality

Adjustment and regulation of the colour temperature can be used to enhance the sensation you wish to convey to a customer in a commercial setting, or depending on the different tones of the products on display.

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