Our goal is to achieve zero emissions in scopes 1 and 2

At LedsC4, we are committed to fighting climate change, which is why we have set the target of completely eliminating emissions in scopes 1 (company-owned vehicle energy and fossil fuels) and 2 (purchased energy for LedsC4’s use) by the year 2030.

To turn this vision into reality, we are implementing actions such as using renewable energy by installing 436 photovoltaic panels in our production centres across Spain.

We take pride in our transition to cleaner and renewable energy sources, and we continue to work towards a more sustainable future.

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Here’s how we calculated our carbon footprint in just 1 minute

We have determined the greenhouse gas emissions we generate to define measures for reducing our carbon footprint. The conducted study classifies greenhouse gas emissions into 3 scopes.


  • Scope 1:

These are direct emissions originating from sources owned or controlled by our company. They include emissions from fuels consumed in fixed facilities or by our fleet vehicles.

  • Scope 2:

Emissions in this scope derive from the organisation’s activity. They are indirect emissions arising from the energy purchased and consumed by LedsC4, but they are generated from sources not owned by us, such as electricity.

  • Scope 3:

Scope 3 encompasses indirect emissions resulting from our company’s activities but occurring in sources not owned or directly controlled by us. These emissions are produced in other entities within the company’s value chain.

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Thus, scope 3 includes aspects such as transportation of raw materials, components and final products, commuting by workers, business travel, subcontracted services, water consumption and waste generation.