LedsC4 is once again joining the Grec Performing Arts Festival with a new interactive lighting installation: “Resilience”

'Resilience' is an immersive light experience that invites the public to reflect on current events in Europe.

Europe is the featured continent of this year’s edition of the Grec Festival, and LedsC4 invites the public to step into its interactive installation, “Resiliencia”, in the gardens of the Teatre Grec in Montjuïc. This immersive lighting experience highlights the immense capacity of new generations to overcome the obstacles and traumatic circumstances we’ve suffered recently – such as COVID-19, the war in Ukraine or the climate crisis.

Along the main axis of the garden you can find the “digitotems” – lighting features custom designed and produced by LedsC4 for this installation. These elements have a 2.5-metre-high vertical body that blends in with the surroundings. Their function is to create an interactive space, with a feeling of calm with warm white, blue and lilac tones, while allowing the user to interact using a button that will trigger an environment of chaos – with red, black and white moving light – which will conjure up fleeting feelings of instability in the user before calm is restored. 

On the side paths the chosen colour for the lighting is lilac – representing reflection and the human being’s capacity for empathy. Warm white has been chosen for the restaurant and rest area, offering a sense of security and calmness to the user while creating a haven at the end of the walk through the installation.

“We live in the era of connectivity, and what better way of representing it in Grec than connecting light with people in a spectacular way", comments Carlos Martínez, head of the LedsC4 Control & Connectivity team.

On the evening of 29 June, the installation will be presented to those attending the official opening of the Grec Festival 2022.

To bring the idea of “Resiliencia” to life, LedsC4 has worked in collaboration with the Catalan company ProtoPixel, which, through its lighting platform, has been able to deliver the vision and mission of light in this project by co-designing three main light expressions. These light contents have been programmed to be projected on the eighteen 2.5-metre-high digital totems that are strategically distributed along the main walkway of the garden. When a visitor activates the button, the scene is interrupted and the pre-programmed sequence activated.

“Though our lighting software, in partnership with LedsC4, we’ve managed to create light based on space and time to express the essence of the project. The capacity of our software to integrate sensors and interfaces makes it possible for the visitor to interact with the installation in a natural and disruptive way. Light is more than just an element to help us see, it enables us to connect with the space, transmit emotions and improve our daily lives”, states Sebastián Mealla, CEO of ProtoPixel.