Vercle: the new design by Maurici Ginés for LedsC4 places all the attention on light.

A connective luminaire adaptable to all environments

Vercle is one of the new products LedsC4 is presenting in it’s Architectural Collection 2021 catalogue. A light designed to fully integrate with nature. It enhances everything it illuminates thanks to what its designer, Maurici Ginés of the artec3 studio, has defined as a “subtle, beautiful connection with the natural environment”.

A fantastic visual experience that can be seen from all angles of the space, as it forms a complete circle that projects a 360º light. The system, thanks to its narrow structure with the minimum thickness necessary for its functionality, fully blends in with nature and the space, even when placed at ground level.

The Vercle design, unique in the market, has a curved version, with 40 cm and 65 cm diameter options. To complete its landscaping possibilities in all types of environments, a version is also available in linear format, with sizes of 50 cm and 197 cm, all of which can be linked together without the need for tools.

It’s a perfect luminaire to highlight nature, illuminating trees, plant holders, sculptures or buildings, projecting a soft and visually comfortable illumination thanks to its black finish trims with recessed LEDs protected with resin.


A connective luminaire adaptable to all environments

Vercle is available with an extruded aluminium body, and IK10 and IP65/IP67 protection to maximise the life of the product and its installation in humid environments and even on the seafront. It also has an exclusive resin diffuser, double cable outlet and watertight snap connectors to facilitate chain installation. Furthermore, it includes optional stakes of different heights for driving into the ground.

The Vercle collection is compatible with the Casambi PWM device. This connective accessory turns the fixture into a Smart luminaire, an ideal choice for evolving, dynamic and versatile spaces.


Vercle in Les Cols

Vercle is the backbone of the lighting project in the gardens of the Les Cols restaurant, a product of the curiosity of Fina Puigdevall, her cooking and the architectural expressions of a studio as special as RCR.

The unique space located in Olot is an experience with which contact is made from the outside. And this is where the lighting project, designed by artec3, the studio run by Maurici Ginés, takes centre stage. Inside, Vercle is in charge of giving meaning to the scene thanks to its virtues and design. As its designer explains, it’s a light that “highlights the peaceful splendour of nature”. And it serves as an entrance for the visitor and future diner who is getting ready to live a culinary experience in the Carpas of Les Cols.

“Thanks to the sensation of light Vercle gives us, we highlight all the different facets of the tree. It transmits the strength of something so subtle and so beautiful that it connects very well with the space,” Maurici Ginés says.

Vercle illuminates the tree trunks with a sensation of light that can be seen from any angle. A very small element “that conceals the light outlet and doesn’t change depending on the angle,” thus maintaining the scene, defines Víctor Vinyamata, product and light art manager at artec3. The result, in the words of Fina Puigdevall herself, “it’s a magical sensation”.

The installation includes 74 small luminaires (400 mm diameter) and 9 large luminaires (600 mm diameter) by Vercle. The sizes have been adapted to the oaks of the Les Cols gardens.

The joint project between LedsC4 and artec3 in the Vercle installation in Les Cols is, according the lighting design studio, “a balance between the technical, the expressive and the luminous”. Simplicity, complexity and detail come together in a light that blends in with nature and reveals itself without being seen.