New Can Camper store concept in Valencia

New Can Camper store concept in Valencia

Can Camper is the new concept by the Camper brand and it was presented at its store refurbishment in Valencia, Spain. The new concept, Can Camper, which means House Camper in the Mallorquí dialect, was created by the architect Marta Armengol. This concept presents a contemporary take on Mediterranean lines in combination with industrial nuances, natural materials and rough finishes that reflect the tradition of Majorca, which is where the brand and the architect are from.

We ensured spot lighting that aims to highlight the products, generating contrasts and creating a hierarchy in the setting.

Valencia, Spain
Photography by
Biel Aliño
Architecture by
Marta Armengol

Lighting is a key factor in the retail sector as it impacts product perception, attracts customers and offers them a pleasant shopping experience.

In this project, luminaires from our Retail Lighting catalogue were used, including Atom Surface, Tak and our Track lights, to ensure visual comfort throughout the store and to highlight how the products are presented. Not only do these luminaires have a practical purpose, but they also add aesthetic and functional value to the shop.